Ontario Centre for Policy Research Voice for Accountability and Justice


The Ontario Centre for Policy Research (OCPR) is Canada’s one of the think tank working at the intersection of human rights, conflict prevention and reconciliation. The institute serves as a leader to all stakeholders to develop better policies to protect human rights and generate equal opportunity for all. OCPR coordinates national research agenda and publishes reports, studies, and commentary on a wide range of public policy issues.

Our mission is to support the government and non-governmental institutions for developing local capacity. OCPR also commit establishing functioning national social protection systems, which is paramount to ensuring sustainable, long-term growth, and to equitably fulfilling national human rights and human development commitments.

We have a focus on Rohygya and Tamil ethnic minorities in Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Our focus is to find underline issues for the crisis and support reconciliation efforts.

The National Office houses several ongoing projects:

  • Inquiry of Alleged Genocide Claims against Sri Lanka and Myanmar
  •  LTTE Terrorism and its impact on Western democracies
  • Refugee crisis created by LTTE and Human smuggling networks
  • The arms procurement process for Terrorism
  • LTTE propaganda mechanism against Sri Lanka
  • Reconciliation, repatriation of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.